8 January 2020

Firefox 72 and it’s exploit.

Firefox logo banner

Mozilla Firefox 72 was released yesterday. The update gave users the capability of blocking fingerprinting, certain websites looked at the resolution of the screen, the version of your operation system and other variables to determine who the visitor was. Since those variables consist of relatively harmless information it is difficult to stop websites from fingerprinting you. Firefox 72 works by stopping all requests from third party websites that are known to fingerprint. Firefox also replaces the notification request pop-ups with a speech bubbles in the address bar and fixed a couple of security issues.

Mozilla just brought out an emergence patch (72.0.1) to fix a leak that was actively being used. Mozilla recommends everyone to directly update to the latest version of Firefox. You can update Firefox now by pressing alt, click on ‘help’, then click on ‘about’ and

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