25 February 2020

Mozilla enables DNS-over-HTTPS

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Mozilla has began with enabling DNS-over-HTTPS by default for people in the USA. Firefox wants to enable the feature for all it’s users in the future.

Whenever you visit a website, your browser needs to ask the DNS server what the IP-address behind a website is. In order to do this the browser used to send the unencrypted website name to the DNS server, which could be read by your ISP and people sniffing packages. With DNS-over-HTTPS enabled it will now send the website name encrypted. Mozilla said that this will increase security and privacy. Cloudflare is the default provider, but it is also possible to change the provider in the settings to NextDNS.

The new change is partly motivated by ISPs who track their users activities online to build an ad-tracking networks. This change will not completely stop ISPs from tracking you (since they can still see what IP address you’re connecting to), but it will make tracking you more difficult.

In the United Kingdom politicians claims that it might prevent lawmakers from blocking dangerous web content. Providers in the UK have the duty to prevent certain information from reaching it’s consumers. ISP often block access to a website from DNS-level, which is no longer possible with DNS-over-HTTPS, but ISPs can still block website by blocking the IP address.

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