12 March 2020

Tails 4.4

Image by Tchou

Tails or The Amnesic Incognito Live System has just released a new update. Tails is an entirely free and open source Debian-based Operation System that you can put on a DVD or USB to preserve your privacy and anonymity. While using the Operation System all packages will be forced to be encrypted and go through Tor, also the OS will not leave any digital footprints. Users have by default access to the Tor Browser, LUKS (for encrypting data), LibreOffice, GIMP, Audacity and many more software, there is the ability to install nondefault software, but Tails can no longer warrant your safety if you do so. If you are concerned about your privacy you should check the project out!

Anyways, Tails just updated it’s software to Tails 4.4, the update unfortunately doesn’t include any new features, but fixed some security issues and updated a lot of it’s software including it’s kernel.
The full changelog can be found here.

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