20 March 2020

Doom Eternal just released

DOOM eternal

DOOM Eternal has just been released, it is now available on steam for $59.99. Initially Doom was planned to be released on 22 November 2019, but was delayed to 20 March 2020.

DOOM 2016 was a complete hit, that’s why the developers of DOOM made another game: DOOM Eternal, with some interesting changes:
In DOOM 2016 players had the ability to score “glory kills”, if you almost killed an enemy, you could execute the enemy in a gruesome manner. Doing so would drop ammunition, health and armor, so you could gain health while killing enemies, DOOM Eternal brought back the same mechanics, but because there is a lot less ammo around the map it is more essential to get glory kills. You can now also modify your weapon: you can choose up to 2 modifications for each weapon. DOOM Eternal also contains a lot of jumping puzzles.

Doom Eternal can be played in multiplayer, but there is no deathmatch mode, it only has battlemode, where 2 players are the demons and 1 player is the Doom Slayer, rounds are won when either the Doom Slayer is killed or both player controlled demons are killed simultaneously.

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