10 April 2021

Neuralink latest update

Neuralink Logo Neuralink Logo

Neuralink learned a monkey (Pager) to play Pong with his brain alone.

Monkey playing Pong with his brain.

They put first put 2048 electrodes in the brain areas that guide hand and arm movement to measure the brain activity in these areas. Every 25 milliseconds the implants send the brain activities to an iPhone, after that algorithms decode those brain activities.

In the first game the monkey had to play a simple game where he had to move a dot to an orange field with a joystick. After that Neuralink needed a couple minutes to calibrate and was able to decode the brain activity into useful joystick movements, after which Neuralink was capable of predicting the joystick movement by reading only the brain activity.

Neuralink says their goal is to allow people who are paralyzed to operate a smartphone or computer. In the future Neuralink aim to be able to let people who are paralyzed to regain their mobility by simulating nerves and muscles.

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